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TURFTRAX services include synthetic turf maintenance and repair along with track & field maintenance and repair. Our synthetic turf field maintenance program includes field cleaning, grooming, de-compacting and re-distribution of existing rubber/rubber-sand in-fill material. This detailed process will help extend the life and enhance the performance of the synthetic turf field.

TURFTRAX offers maintenance programs on an annual and semi-annual basis. This program is a 3-step process: Our state of the art machinery removes all types of foreign debris and pollutants without removing the rubber infill, lifts turf fibers and de-compaction of the in-fill to enhance drainage of the field.

TURFTRAX cleaning will help keep most foreign dirt and debris from accumulating in turf in-fill to help prevent breakdown of synthetic fibers. All foreign dirt and debris have jagged or sharp edges that grind against the synthetic fibers during play when athletes run, cut, and fall on the surface. Loose or dead fibers also accumulate in the infill and grind against fibers intact. Over time these loose fibers, dirt, and debris breakdown the synthetic fibers. The dirt and debris will also compact over a period of time causing the in-fill to become hard or even slippery which could cause injury to athletes. It will also help drainage as it will help free plugged drain holes or permeable backings. The machine used by TURFTRAX also levels the in-fill after it cleans so the field doesn’t have rubber build up in certain areas. The end result, the cleaning will increase the life of the synthetic surface, help prevent injuries and save thousands of dollars.

Most synthetic turf companies are supplying a pull behind rake for maintenance of the turf, which is recommended every six to eight weeks. This will only help keep the synthetic fibers from matting down. It does not vacuum any dirt, debris or loose fibers from the field. All the dust and dirt are merely scattered throughout the field after brushing is complete. This is where TURFTRAX comes into play with its state of the art machine that is specifically made for synthetic turf fields. There are also other maintenance equipment being used like the parker sweepers, dragging carpet, etc. that is simply not the solution as they do not clean below the surface of the in-fill. The pull behind rakes currently supplied by turf companies can be used every 6-8 weeks along with the annual or semi-annual cleaning from TURFTRAX. This is the recommendation of most sports engineers and turf experts.

TURFTRAX can help protect your field from degradation of fibers, drainage problems and last but not least, injuries. Although you will save thousands of dollars, the most important aspect is to help decrease the chance of injury and also have a competitive long lasting playing field for the athletes.


Sand/Rubber or Rubber in-fill compacts and partial solidification become evident. The surface appears to become more durable as the compaction becomes more evident. Unfortunately, as the surface hardens, the performance rapidly deteriorates. If becomes slippery and loose rubber or sand becomes more noticeable causing the field footing to become unpredictable.

Contaminated rubber/sand in-fill, including polypropylene particles/fiber dust left in surface pile, which encourages moss, algae growth, and hardening of the playing surface. The surface becomes discolored and crusted, which can cause drainage and playing characteristic to deteriorate rapidly.


When you upgrade to a synthetic turf surface you are essentially buying a big-ticket item. Proper maintenance must be followed to maximize your investment. TURFTRAX offers a clean solution to the problem of caring for all surfaces for sporting activities. Regular cleaning and maintenance ensures a surface that is not only always clean but also one that is long lasting and provides optimal conditions for games and sports. It is important to realize that sweeping with a broom or dragging rakes over the ground is no solution. The surface is not cleaned in this way – dust and dirt are merely spread about and not removed. The wear and tear of everyday use and climatic conditions, too, has an adverse, lasting effect on the surface underfoot. Airborne particles, felt from balls and particles of every kind of dirt accumulate on the playing surface in a very short time. If cleaning is not carried out there is danger the altered character of the ground perhaps will lead to injuries to players. This cleaning will also continue to allow surfaced water to drain away and hinders the growth of moss and algae as it preserves the artificial turf’s physiological characteristics. TURFTRAX uses a state of the art cleaning machine that not only cleans the turf but also lifts the fibers with its assortment of accessory appliances that can be adapted to suit the surface to be cleaned. An ingenious brush, suction and filter system prevents the special in-fill material spread on the surface from being removed, brushes thoroughly, sucks up dirt particles and straightens fibers. All of these are vitally important functions for preserving the nature of the material. With this cleaning, TURFTRAX can ensure maximum service life of a satisfactory surface.

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