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REJUVENATION can restore – virtually to “as new” condition rubber/sand filled synthetic turf surfaces that have become contaminated, compacted and slow-draining. REJUVENATION will restore:

  • Porosity and free drainage
  • Playing performance
  • Player’s comfort and safety
  • The appearance of the surface

REJUVENATION achieves this, in essence, by removing the whole contaminated top layer of rubber/sand using a process that does not damage the synthetic turf surface:

  • Compressed air is used to extract the contaminated rubber/sand
  • The rubber/sand remaining in the synthetic turf is aerated and de-compacted
  • The pile fiber is cleaned and restored to vertical
  • Any wear seams are repaired
  • New, clean rubber/sand is spread over the revitalized synthetic turf, worked in and regulated.

As well as costing far less than the alternative of renewing the synthetic turf, REJUVENATION takes only a few days at most, minimizing loss of playing time and revenue.

When is REJUVENATION needed?

The time when compaction and poor drainage make REJUVENATION necessary is highly variable. As well as the frequency and quality of maintenance, it depends on the intensity of use, local atmospheric and other conditions and the discipline of players in using clean footwear. It may be as long as ten years for a well-maintained surface and as little as five years for a poorly maintained one.

A program of planned, proactive maintenance will significantly delay the onset of compaction but not halt it completely. Because of the variability of timing, REJUVENATION is not included in the standard maintenance contracts offered by TURFTRAX maintenance, but is quoted for individually when it becomes necessary.

Is REJUVENATION always possible?

In the great majority of cases, REJUVENATION is the best economic option about half-way through the expected life of the turf. It will ensure continued good playing performance and drainage until wear of the turf makes renewal of the synthetic turf unavoidable. Coupled with regular maintenance, it will maximize the total life of the synthetic turf surface and minimize Life Cycle Cost. On very intensely used surfaces, there may sometimes not be enough turf left to make REJUVENATION economically feasible. Conversely, at very lightly used facilities, a second REJUVENATION is sometimes practical.

How long does REJUVENATION take?

Depending on the area involved and the condition of the surface, REJUVENATION will take between 10 and 14 days. After REJUVENATION, play can resume immediately, minimizing the impact on the facilities playing program and revenues. As with a new rubber/sand filled surface, the infill takes a few weeks to bed in fully, and this should be considered when planning the best time for REJUVENATION.

Rejuvenation is done with the Beaver 2000, a patented process from the Charles Lawrence Group. The process is performed by TurfTrax, LLC under license from the Charles Lawrence Group.

This field was converted from all sand infill to all rubber infill

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